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” in the near term it is simply immoral to ask the poor to make energy access sacrifices while we consume massive amounts of energy, based almost entirely on fossil fuels. Climate policy should not be used to keep poor people poor”

Presumably these “poor people” will be living in isolated communities
Presumably these poor households will not have funds to purchase cookers,fridges,computers, televisions, kettles,
Presumably being isolated there will be little industry to take advantage of the electricity – you will need to improve transport first.

Who pays for the grid to keep a 100Mw powerstation running near water whilst feeding isolated communities perhaps hundreds of miles away.
Who pays for the transport and possibly import of fuel for these stations.
Who pays for the security to check the power lines?

Just how are the people going to pay for appliances to connect to the grid?
just how are the people going to pay for the energy consumed.?

Heating of homes does not require electricity but would be better done with local heat stores.

One useful item would be lights but these can be powered locally from solar + battery I use 20 watts to brightly light my house usuing relatively cheap LEDs. But someone still has to pay for the lights battery and solar cells even if you have disposed of the very costly power lines from generator to consumer.

Give the poor a lead acid battery, a 300W solar panel (perhaps $500) and they will be able to light their village, pump water, UV purify water, charge laptops(!) for perhaps 10 years, How much would a coal/gas station + wires + fuel cost over the same period (UK price is £0.05 CCGT Fuel only per kWh – uk DE Electricity Generation Costs 2013 – assuming solar as described give 3kWh/day then CCGT at fuel cost only would exceed the solar price in approx 4 years)

Please tell me exactly whom is going to pay for the power stations, the grid, the appliances, the roads, the security, the industry?

Please be very specific how the “cheap” electricity will help the poor and how you would fund its introduction.

The west has grown up with electricity and so has the infrastructure, the factories, the communications. to start from scratch is a whole new ball game.

Fri Jan 31, 08:07:38 AM MST


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