The R. W. Wood Experiment posted 9/2/2013 on wuwt

george e. smith says: February 9, 2013 at 12:30 pm …Perhaps a single atom or molecule in free flight in space, does not emit thermal radiation; but that is not an exception, because such a non interractng isolated atom or molecule by definition is at zero Kelvins, so is not expected to radiate. And very sparse collections of molecules that collide less frequently, and at lower velocities, such as gases, would naturally be expected to emit (or absorb) less of the thermal radiation, than denser more frequently colliding collections of “particles”.

Measurements using a thermal imaging camera show invisible water vapour at 100C play this over paper and the paper radiates at near 100C Water vapour is not black body (radiates at discrete wavelengths some outside the sensitivity range of the camera)  paper is black body and hence shows as BB heat. water vapour and thermal imaging .


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