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would you care to ask Watts why he lost his cool over his pet surface stations when his data was used before he published?
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Steve: around 20% identified themselves as “skeptic”, but some of these responses were fraudulent. The actual number of respondents appears to be much less than that. My guess is that over half of the “skeptic” responses were fake.

How do you KNOW
are you sure some of those calling themselves non-sceptic were fraudulent. (Fraudulent is not the right word much too emotive – but that’s what you are trying to do -whip up a bit of name calling)


Tisdale on sea temperatures

posted this at WUWT
I doubt it will be published despite the claim that few posts are censored

All oscillations are just that – one moment you are warming the next cooling. The overall effect is neutral.

The only additional input to sea temps according to you is? Why do they keep warming.
Solar is just about constant – something must be adding energy,

If you have air at 35C above water at 30C the only way the water can cool is by evaporation and also the air will warm the surface layer which will mix.
If you have air at 25C above water at 30C evap will still occur but now the water will lose energy to the Air.

Thus the energy content of the water will be affected by the air temp. The air temp IS affected by GHGs.

Lewandowsky Censors Discussion of Fake Data

Amazing stuff from the great McIntyre (with arch-accolytes Watts and Tallbloke) complaining about moderation on Lewandowsky’s blog.

None of these have any right to complain about censorship. So many people banned from their blogs, so many posts removed.
Lets look at WUWT for hints of conspiracy

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New world order

Lord Monckton barred from Copenhagen conference – pushed to the ……Today, as I lay in the snow with a cut knee, a bruised back, a banged head, a ruined suit, and a written-off coat, I wondered whether the brutality of the New World Order …
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Take’s First Annual Survey on Global Warming ……Mark.R (01:11:48) : My question was do you think AGW is a smoke screen for the new world order?. ——————-Ditto. Halleluya. Nail. Head.
Common purpose

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World Government

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